Scag Tiger Cat Mower Review

The Scag Tiger Cat mower put out by Scag Power Equipment is the latest addition to their strong line of powerful mowers for your lawn. With its small size but roomy deck, you can mow up to 24 acres in a single day, saving you time and money. It also has a number of features that make it a strong contender in the market.

This mower is easy to maneuver and can fit into tight spaces on your lawn with its small, compact size. It comes in lengths of either 80 or 83 inches, depending on the deck size. It is 66 inches in height. The deck is available in sizes including: 60.5 inches, 64.5 inches and 73.5 inches. The deck is a Velocity Plus, which offers extreme performance and power. It gives a strong cut, no matter how fast you are driving the mower. The clippings are also widely dispersed when discharged from the deck.  Continue reading

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Scag Turf Tiger Mower Review

The Scag Turf Tiger is a riding mower that every working man dreams about. It has the maximum speed of mowing at twelve miles per hour, which allows for quick grass cutting. It delivers loads of power with its twenty-nine horse power engine, which is much more powerful than what most other mowers offer. The super engine allows the rider to climb the steepest of hills and can avoid tricky situations. It comes with a generous ten gallon fuel tank that makes for a nice long mowing session without having to make frequent refilling stops.  Continue reading

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Scag V-Ride Mower Review

The first thing that hit us when testing this mower was that the Scag V-Ride had an incredible amount of power for its small size. Although the V-Ride is clearly trying to be a compact model, the manufacturers have packed enough muscle underneath the hood to make even the full-sized sit down mowers jealous.

The purpose of the Scag V-Ride, as stated by the manufacturer is to combine the space-saving efficiency of the smaller walk-behind models with the comfort and power of the riding models. The V-Ride accomplishes its purpose to a tee, and manages to bring the best of both worlds to one beautiful mower – a feat not easily accomplished even by the top mower manufacturers in the world.  Continue reading

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Scag Cheetah Mower Review

For more than 25 years Scag Power Equipment has been constructing heavy-duty, commercial mowers. Scag has the experience to know what their customers want and are consistently making the changes they request. Nothing is overlooked in the creation of the “Simply the Best” commercial mowers on the market. Scag has retained their  title as the premiere commercial mower line in the industry.

Scag’s elite group of designers and engineers, research and development specialists are devoted to manufacturing commercial mowers that ultimately makes you more profit. Every Scag model is thoroughly tested mechanically and is also tested at facilities in various locations across North America in diverse climates and grass types.  Continue reading

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Scag Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

Scag power equipment was founded in 1983 as a division of Metalcraft of Mayville Inc. Based in Mayville, Wisconsin, Scag offers people genuine American equipment that is made in the USA. It all started with a single model, but has grown to more than fifty different models of power equipment. Scag mowers are built to last, designed to be easy to use and crafted with pride. When your mower needs a replacement part, it’s important that you choose genuine Scag parts over generic replacement parts.  Continue reading

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Scag Mowers – Which Series is Right for Me?

For years, Scag mowers have held a reputation for innovation and attention to quality. Scag offers commercial mowers in several models, each having its own distinct features and specifications. Understanding the subtle differences among these products can save you time and money when selecting the best Scag mower for your needs.  Continue reading

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