Scag SWZ Fixed Deck Hydro-Drive Mower Review

Scag mowers are constructed with commercial use in mind. All models contain the easily adjustable multi-height setting so any operator can use it with ease. The Fixed Deck Hydro-Drive models come with a six gallon gas tank, which is easily sufficient for the whole day of lawn mowing. Before being sold, all mowers are factory tested so the customer gets a top quality product. SWZ walk-behind models are equipped with a dual pump hydraulic drive system, which makes mowing hilly areas a breeze. The models are available in a number of different cutter deck sizes and are capable of traveling at speeds of up to 7.4 mph. There are also various engine options, starting with the 16hp up to the 22hp Kawasaki V-twin engine. 

These mowers are the ideal choice for professional cutters. The hydraulic pumps and cast-iron wheel motors provide power individually to each wheel. They have counter-rotating turning, which means that one wheel can move ahead, while the second one moves backward. This leaves less scuffed turf and provides greater maneuverability in areas that are heavily landscaped.

Scag offers its customers a choice of two cutting technologies to select from, Advantage or Velocity Plus. The Velocity Plus Cutter Deck delivers a great deal of power with precision. This deck design also gives out high-velocity dispersal, in addition to the manicured-cut look to the lawn that professionals require. The cutting chamber has been re-designed with a larger opening for dispersal of clippings. The Velocity Plus is available in various widths to suit individual requirements. The cutter blade spindles are tough and provide solid performance and durability, which virtually eliminates the need to ever re-cut. The side pads protect the deck from damage and can be replaced depending on wear and tear.

The cutter deck is five inches deep and provides greater vacuum and mulching power. There is a front Custom-Cut Baffle that can be adjusted to provide a greater level of cutting performance. The baffle gives the grass a chance to stand straight before having the blade cut it. This eliminates the chance for the grass to bend over, thus missing the cutter blade’s path. Even tall wiry grass can easily be cut clean. Additionally, the custom-Cut Baffle System allows the operator to customize the deck to suit the conditions. The discharge is constructed of flexible plastic that does not dent like metal. Overall, the Advantage and Velocity Plus technologies and the sturdy spindle blades constructed with Tri-Plate construction provide exceptional cuts, minimizing blowouts. The cutter blades are the strongest available in the industry and are housed in cast iron castings with dual tapered roller bearings. The extra rigid deck is almost half an inch thick with a 10 gauge top support layer and lower baffle reinforcement constructed from 11-gauge. The side skirts are made of 7-gauge.

The Scag SWZ mower is a heavy-duty machine with solid construction. A point to be noted is that it is a fairly low machine and extra tall operators may not find it too convenient. The piston grips are also a bit hard on the hands and wrists. For those who are going to be cutting non-stop for long hours, this fact should be taken into account. Generally, the machine is a solid performer that only requires very basic maintenance. The new De-clutch Cold start feature is ideal for cold weather conditions and provides smooth starts. Just remember to grease the many points and spindles and it is good to go for years. It provides for quick cuttings with some individuals cutting through 2.3 acres in less than two hours.

Scag SWZ Fixed Deck Hydro-Drive Mower has a number of additional features that make it the ideal machine for any commercial fleet. Its aluminum hydraulic reservoir with cooling fins helps to keep the temperature low while operating and this enhances the component life. The oil filter is attached at the bottom of the tank for convenient accessibility. The wheel motor drive and the super strength dual pump system guarantee plenty of power for zero-turn maneuvering. The caster tires are generously over-sized for easier curb climbing and trailer loading. All in all, it is a tough mower built to last and there are a number of optional accessories available that can help to cut the time on the job and increase productivity.

Video Source: Scag Power Equipment
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