Scag SWZU Ultimate Hydro Walk Behind

Rated as one of the best commercial lawn equipment brands, Scag produces a high quality mower in the form of the Scag SWZU Ultimate Hydro Walk Behind commercial mower. This mower maintains Scag’s reputation for producing well-built, solid commercial mowing equipment that can withstand heavy use and still give outstanding performance.

The Scag SWZU Ultimate Hydro Walk Behind mower features the Scag Advantage Cutter Deck or the Velocity Plus Cutter Deck. The Advantage Cutter Deck is one of the most versatile and durable cutter decks to be found on a commercial mower. It can handle different types of grasses and varying cutting heights. It can even tackle weeds without missing a beat.

The 36” Advantage cutting deck design handles the mowing of tall grasses and prevents the scalping of the turf due to the location of the seven anti-scalp rollers. It has an efficiently designed Turbo Baffle that discharges the clippings much farther than most mowers to evenly distribute the clippings. This minimizes the wind rowing and clumping that occurs with other competing mowing equipment. 

The durability of the Advantage cutter deck is unsurpassed by other rival mowers. With its thick and rigid deck construction that is almost a half-inch thick, it is one of the best built cutter decks of its kind. Other components of the deck include 10-gauge steel on the top support layer, 11-gauge thickness on the baffle reinforcement layer and side skirts that have 7-gauge thickness.

The Velocity Plus Cutter Deck features the revolutionary high-velocity discharge design that has a substantial discharge opening and redesigned cutting chamber. The deck can be purchased with two different cutting widths of 48”or 52” openings. The Velocity Plus Cutter Deck gives users the ideal cutting performance and clipping dispersal that is necessary to tackle the most challenging mowing tasks.

The Scag SWZU Ultimate Hydro Walk Behind mower comes with the Custom-Cut Baffle System that provides greater flexibility and optimum performance for different conditions. The system features up to seven different baffle settings that can be adjusted depending on the type of grass-cutting conditions that are encountered. This helps to make the Scag SWZU Ultimate Hydro Walk Behind mower a versatile and top performing piece of equipment that would be the ideal piece of equipment for a business to have in its arsenal.

Since durability and strong construction is one of the major selling points of the Scag SWZU Ultimate Hydro Walk Behind mower, it is no surprise that it would have one of the best cutter blade drive spindles. It uses cast-iron spindle housing and tapered roller bearings to achieve the quality construction for which Scag is known. The greasable spindles also make this a very rugged spindle system.

The Marbain Cutter Blade is another special feature of Scag mowers that help set them apart from the rest. The blades are lighter than most steel blades and this lighter material has several key features. They reduce the wear and tear of the PTO clutch brake. They make it easier to start and stop the blades. They have increased strength and hardness that are more resistant to impact damage, bending and wear.

The Scag SWZU Ultimate Hydro Walk Behind mower offers the choice of Kawasaki KAI engines in three options: 16hp, 17hp or 19hp. The engines have a simplified oil drain that keeps maintenance down to a minimum. Cold weather starting is a breeze with the Scag de-clutch cold start feature that reduces the load of the hydraulic pumps when the mower is started.

Several features of the Scag SWZU Ultimate Hydro Walk Behind mower add to the comfort and convenience of the mower operator. These include heavy gauge handlebars that have three height settings to accommodate taller operators. Another feature is the redesigned handlebars that have twin hand controls that give better control and responsiveness. The handlebars have spring assisted EZ-GRIP that makes it easier to operate by reducing the hand force needed to control the mower. The operator presence controls have been dipped in vinyl to make them more comfortable for the operators.

Scag has included many features that help to make the Scag SWZU Ultimate Hydro Walk Behind mower very durable and to minimize maintenance problems. The Split-Steel pulley system provides extra strength and is stronger than stamped pulleys. The Split-Steel pulleys are lighter than cast iron pulleys and this helps to increase the life of the pulleys and minimizes maintenance on the mower. Self-adjusting belt idlers are included on all the belt systems. This increases the life of the belts and cuts the amount of downtime.

Scag manufactures high-quality, well designed mowers and stands behind its products with a warranty that demonstrates its commitment to its products. The Scag SWZU Ultimate Hydro Walk Behind mower is backed up by their warranty and the mower should give buyers years of dependable and cost-effective service.

Video Source: Scag Power Equipment
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