Scag Turf Tiger Mower Review

The Scag Turf Tiger is a riding mower that every working man dreams about. It has the maximum speed of mowing at twelve miles per hour, which allows for quick grass cutting. It delivers loads of power with its twenty-nine horse power engine, which is much more powerful than what most other mowers offer. The super engine allows the rider to climb the steepest of hills and can avoid tricky situations. It comes with a generous ten gallon fuel tank that makes for a nice long mowing session without having to make frequent refilling stops. 

The heavy duty mower allows for cuts of varying heights that give the lawn the perfect professionally-cut look. The double steel construction provides durability, which will make the mower last. Maneuvering around trees, bushes and other obstacles is a breeze with the zero turn features. It is available in large blade areas of 52”, 61”, and 72” to suit individual needs. The 16cc drive pump allows one to get out of sticky situations, like being stuck in a bed, while the 350 pounds per foot stopping power brings the unit to a halt at even high speeds smoothly. The mower is an impressive looking piece of machinery. The exhaust is aluminized and gives a sporty look to the mower. The control panel has many illustrations that help to make operating the controls easy.

The mower is equipped with three blades that leave a beautiful cut, even in thick, overgrown turf. There is a wide discharge opening that allows for clean and even disposal. The mowers are strongly built and perform well even after accumulating many hours of serious work. The only minor issue that does arise once in a while has to do with the cracks in the deck, which can be repaired quiet easily by welding. The mower requires the minimum maintenance. The cutter deck is driven by a shaft, as opposed to a belt, and the spindles can be easily greased. The Scag Turf Tiger makes a very good vacuum system, with its 16 bushel capacity. In addition, the mulching system too is very good. A bumper provides protection against trailer damage, but keep in mind that it cannot be used if the Scag collection system is in place. The accessories are well considered and equally durable.

The Scag Turf comes with productivity built into the mower. The special airflow and high speed blade tips cut and eject grass very quickly. The high power engine speeds and hydraulic systems allow the mowing process to be completed in a hurry, even in the most difficult conditions. All this can be done in a great deal of comfort, due to adjustable seats, big foot plates and EZ-Grip hand controls that help to keep exhaustion at bay. The operator can work throughout the day at full efficiency. Additionally, it has a spring suspension seat for the ultimate comfort. The side boost and lumbar portion of the seat give the rider added support, even when using the mower over rough terrain. The Roll-Over Protection System is certified and is inclusive of all the required mounting hardware and a seatbelt.

The company backs its products with a solid warranty. The frame and other body components, inclusive of oil reservoirs, oil coolers, fittings, clutches, pulleys, hydraulic pumps and wheel motors, are covered for two years if the mower is used commercially and three years or 500 hours for non-commercial use, whichever comes first.

The mower is built for durability, considering the heavy duty frame. Its fast speed will cut lawn mowing time considerably, although a true professional will say that good cuts can only be achieved at moderate speeds. The only issue with these mowers is that they are heavy; depending on the model, some may be well over 1,000 lbs. For obvious reasons, using them on wet days is just not much of an option, even if the wide base is better than nothing. The Scag Turf Tiger will give the lawn a true professional cut by laying stripes and making the lawn look great. It is, however, an expensive machine and this is especially true for the replacement parts. So minimum as it may be, proper maintenance is necessary to get many years of good service.

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