Scag Cheetah Mower Review

For more than 25 years Scag Power Equipment has been constructing heavy-duty, commercial mowers. Scag has the experience to know what their customers want and are consistently making the changes they request. Nothing is overlooked in the creation of the “Simply the Best” commercial mowers on the market. Scag has retained their  title as the premiere commercial mower line in the industry.

Scag’s elite group of designers and engineers, research and development specialists are devoted to manufacturing commercial mowers that ultimately makes you more profit. Every Scag model is thoroughly tested mechanically and is also tested at facilities in various locations across North America in diverse climates and grass types. 

After all the preliminary steps, we assemble several prototype mowers for use by professionals from all over the country. Their feedback helps us to implement their suggestions into the product before it goes into full scale production. Scag’s dedicated Product Improvement Engineer works to make sure that each and every Scag product is more durable, productive and reliable than the last one!

As a result, the Scag Cheetah is the best, fastest and most comfortable cat in the Scag family. It is absolutely an extraordinary zero-turn mower due to the coil-over shock suspension which makes it an exceptional ride. The Cheetah’s ZT-5400 transaxles have two speeds — Low Range, up to 12 mph and High Range, up to 16 mph. Furthermore, the Marbain cutter blades stay sharp for a long time, and the 15 gallon dual tanks let you keep cutting until the job is finished.

You can quickly adjust the control levers, without tools, among a wide range of operator sizes to your own requirements. The control levers have dual gas-charged dampeners that smoothly and meticulously respond to your commands. Also, the entire operator platform with the custom, high-back seat and retractable seat belts, controls and foot plate is suspended, which allows it to absorb the bumps and provide a smooth ride with only three moving parts. The Cheetah mower does everything you ever wanted in a mower!

The foot pedal deck lift adjusts to three positions allowing the grass to be cut at different heights, in 1/4″ increments from 1.25″ to 5″ during the seasons. Lawns and grass on public, or commercial property don’t need to look “bald” any more by cutting it too short!

There are three models of Scag Cheetah mowers, the 72″ Velocity Plus Cutter Deck with the Kawasaki air-cooled engine. It is 91″ long, 83″ wide with the chute down and 73″ wide with the chute in transport position. It weighs 1400 lbs., is 67″ tall with the Rollover Protection System (ROPS) and 49.5″ with the ROPS folded down.

The other two models are 61″ Velocity Plus Cutter Decks with a length of 85.5″. They are 73.5″ wide with the chute down and 62.75″ wide with the chute in transport position. They are 67″ high with the ROPS and 49.5″ with the ROPS folded down. The model SCZ61V-31KA has a 31-hp Kawasaki air-cooled engine with a weight of 1350 lbs. The model SCZ61V-32BV has a 32-hp Big Block Vanguard engine with a weight of 1360 lbs.

Another feature is the way the Scag Cheetah takes the hillsides. The stability is due to the wide stance and the low-positioned dual fuel tanks which strengthens the low center-of-gravity.

The double tube, steel main frame construction of a Cheetah is much better than most competitors’ mower frames that are merely bolted together. The Cheetah’s construction gives that feeling of solid strength and years of use without parts of the frame coming loose. Also, the extra-large 24″ drive tires, and flat-free front caster tires ensure better traction, less turf tearing and easy curb climbing.

The Electric PTO system is terrific! The GT5 PTO Clutch on our 72″ Cheetah has 350 ft. lbs. of starting and stopping torque. The Ogura GT3.5 PTO Clutch on the 61″ Cheetahs have 250 ft. lbs. of torque. The heavy-duty Scag spindle effortlessly handles the high horsepower and torque requirements of the Cheetah. Many of the competitors’ mowers have an air-gap that wears and is not adjustable. The Cheetah has an adjustable air-gap for longer component life and fewer maintenance expenses.

The instrument panel is impressive with its hour meter, ammeter, ignition switch, mower engagement switch and separate choke and throttle controls.

The design of the Cheetah allows easy access to the engine and filters, so you can maintain the mower. The rear hood and access panels do not require tools and simply swing out of the way for access. The Scag Cheetah is the best mower for the professional landscaper or any other serious-minded individual looking for the best mower to do the job!


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