Scag SW Belt Drive Walk Behind Mower: What To Know About This Machine

One of the most wonderful walk-behind mowers that are out there is the Scag SW Deck Belt Drive Mower. It is powerful and yet easy to manage, even capable of steering around lawns that are difficultly laid out. The machine makes the operator benefit from a much smoother time getting their yard work finished. These mowers are generally used in the commercial world primarily because of their diversity and ease of use making it possible for a business to get more lawns done in a day. 

Some Features You Can Expect

This machine has caster front tires that are flat-free. The fuel capacity is a whopping six gallons, making it a longer duration between fuel top offs and mowing. The drive spindles are made of heavy duty metal so they are more durable and withstand higher usage in the field. The Scag SW deck belt drive mower is very powerful and able to cover ground speeds from 2 to 6 miles per hour. It houses twin-power drive belts to keep it working in proper repair. The transmission is made of five speeds and it features a 9-spline coupler; these features make the machine capable of further longevity and durability.

Flexibility For The Operators Makes For Easier Work

The Scag SW deck belt drive mower is capable of working through very tough environments. The caster front wheels are super durable, making it capable of working through even the harshest terrains. One of the best parts of the design of this machine is the super easy access to clean the engine and to change the air filter. The machine is designed with the idea to be flexible allowing it to be useful for a wider range of people. Some of the accessories that are available are attachments for mulching as well as catching grass.

Details About This Product You’ll Want To Know About

The operator controls on the Scag SW deck belt driver mower are dipped in vinyl for ease and comfort to the operator. A consumer is actually able to choose between the 16 and 18 hp engine options making it simple for you to get the mower you’ll need. The cutter blades are capable of being engaged with the Ogura PTO clutch brake for added agility and ease of operating.

The Best Uses For the Machine Both Commercially And Residentially

Because this mower is so light and easy to take from one location to another it is a common choice for professional landscapers and lawn maintenance people. There are numerous reasons that it is the mower of choice. The highly durable and sturdy parts mean it doesn’t break down often and that it runs well. Primarily clients like the fact that the mower is extremely agile in its maneuvering along with having a very high rate of durability. It has a large gasoline tank (6 gallons) which makes it easy for a person to use it on many different lawns or one large one before it had to be refilled.

The Physical Details Of The Actual Machine

The back tires are wide, offering a solid base from which to use your machine from. It has a sturdy debris guard that is set up to insure different clippings don’t fly into the operator’s face. The back tires are wide offering stability and steering abilities while the front tires are smaller, giving it the ability to maneuver around tight turns. The wheels are designed with pins for quick removal for cleaning.
The entire makeup of the machine is centered on ease of care and maintenance along with a durability that makes it stand up to longer and harder uses. You can select from the standard or 32” cutter, the advantage or 36,” and the 52’ velocity deck. There are many operators that believe the best features of the Scag mower its hand controls compete with vinyl comfort grips that are encased for further comfort.

Reliability With A Mower

When a person is in the commercial business of landscaping and lawn maintenance owning a machine that is reliable can mean the difference between taking care of a client on the day they were scheduled and putting them off only to potentially lose their business. The reliability of this mower along with the parts are so sturdy that even when used on the commercial scale it is still able to withstand the wear and tear.
Reliability with a mower doesn’t just make it useful for the commercial world; it can be a fantastic way to take care a large lawn and not make the work seem too overwhelming. For the power behind the Scag SW deck belt driver mower it is surprisingly quiet.

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